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What we pass on to the next generation

What do we pass on to the next generation?

This has been something that i never really thought about. Mostly i think is comes down to what kind of an example we are setting for the next generation. We need to think long and hard about this because as i’ve come to realise the younger generation learn a lot from us.

We grow up learning from our parents and copy what they do. If they eat pasta with a fork and spoon then we would only know that this is the right way to eat pasta. Even though when we get older we find out that there is other ways to eat pasta it might be too late to change this habit. For example i have a habit of picking or biting my fingernails instead of cutting them which i picked up from my dad. This might not be as bad as some habits but still stands as proof of my point.


Now everyone knows that there has been issues in my family both recent and a few years ago. Mainly i want to focus on the family issues we had about 10 years ago where i overheard someone say that i’m so much like my dad that i would make the same mistakes as him but handle it more like my mum (which would mean worse). This made me realise that i am like my parents and there is no getting around that, I also looked up to them. Besides this point this is a new saying that i came up with at the time that is didn’t know was around.

“I want to grow up to be like you…but a better you”

I know this saying has been used and been around for a while but it is something that i thought of and lived by. I wanted to be like my parents and the people i looked up to but learning from their mistakes. If they screwed up or made a mistake i asked them about it and learned what went wrong in order to be a better version of them.

This brings me back to my main point about what we pass on…

Are you passing on a trail of bitchiness, backstabbing and other bad habits or are you passing on a functioning and well rounded set of morals. You can see a cycle of habits in a family, of things passed down, but if you want that cycle to stop then it is up to you to help and set a good example for the next generation.



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