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What family means to me

I’ve been getting a few people asking and telling me what family should and shouldn’t do. Mostly it has been telling but i try and not let it get to me. One of the things i love doing is looking and asking people about their family structure because some peoples family structure is very interesting. If you know me or my family you would know that my family structure is also ‘strange’. I have cousins that aren’t blood that i’m closer with than blood cousins, I have a non-related Māori family that are my cousins and Aunts and many others.

However what i have learnt about family is a few things which i will explain in detail. These are:

Just because you are blood doesn’t make you family
True family is earned not given
Family sticks together and forgives each other no matter what

Now you might look at this and think some of these contradict each other but once i explain it to you it will all make sense.

Just because you are blood doesn’t make you family

Well this one i thought was self explanatory but i will elaborate for you all. Family is not all about blood to me, just because we are genetically similar doesn’t mean you are my family. Family members that abandon you or treat you like dirt are not really your family. To me these people are more or less poison to me, they use the whole ‘but i’m your family’ card to try and get their way but with me if you use that on me and treat me like crap then expect the same in return. If i can give any advice on this matter is don’t look at things as black and white which you will see in the next section.


True family is earned not given

Now don’t look at this as to be family you need to do certain deeds or criteria, it’s more of their involvement in your life. You see family is there for you in the good and the bad, you grow up with them and they make you a better person. This however doen’t come down to just blood relations this is where non-blood related family comes into it. If there is someone in your life who is not related to you in anyway but makes you a better person or has been there for you through everything even if you don’t see them that way then they are family. You might not have looked at it that way but that is what a true family member does for you.


Family sticks together and forgives each other no matter what

This one is a little tough to look at…

You see all families have fights and disagreements but thats what make family special. It is though these crappy little fights that we get stronger and is true tests of our relationship. On the flipside of this there are some cases where it is just impossible to reconcile. These can be trust has been broken or a member has abandoned the family, that can be hard to forgive. In the end it comes down to the person who has done wrong. Forgiveness is a 2 way street if the person who has done wrong has not asked for forgiveness then it is hard to move forward.

 I hope this article has been a little enlightening for you all but now i’m going to tell you my full feelings about what has been going on and tell me how it compares to the above.

There has been moments over the last 2 years where i have been repeatedly stabbed not only in the back but basically anywhere and i know i’m not the only one. They are also made me look like an idiot and a liar to who i consider to be my TRUE FAMILY and it has come to the point where i have had enough. Just so you all know i can be cruel, vindictive and can hold a grudge for a long time. So be careful if you cross me because i can make your life very very difficult and unpleasant.

I know i’m not meant to feel this way or talk about it but i needed to get it out. I’m trying to make things better and be better but sometimes it is to hard.

If you need to vent let me know below…


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