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Using ISP emails

I see this around but still don’t understand why people use ISP email addresses i mean there are so many other FREE options out there for you.

For starters an ISP email address is the default email address that you internet provider gives you. This would look something like jcurci@bigpond.com for telstra people or like jcurci@iinet.com.au. Everyone who has the internet in their house would have one of these email address with their start up documentation. The providers give out this email so that you would use their servers for emails and some might even charge you if you use them to much. Not only that people use this as their primary email. You might think that there is no problem with that but if you don’t pay your bill then you don’t get emails, if you change providers then you need to change your email address with everyone you know. Emails are kind of like phone numbers, if someone changes theirs then it is a massive hassle to change it in your saved list. Not only that you might have their new and old email and forget which one to send it to. People still use ISP emails because thats all they know, they have never used anything else.

What’s the fix?
Well there are tons of alternatives out there and here are the most popular:
Apple Mail
Outlook Mail
Yahoo Mail
These 4 are the best option for anyone that still uses an ISP email address. They are all free, easy to sign up and easy to use. My suggestion would be gmail, the reason for this is because you probably already have a gmail and not know it. If you have logins for youtube, blogger or google plus then you already have a gmail account and you just need to activate it.

So go out and get rid of that ISP email address

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