With the end of the year coming up you can’t help but reflect on what has happened in the past year and wonder what has happened and if you think that you moved forward this year.

For me i think i definitely have and when i recap my year i realize i have done a lot. The main highlight of this past year would have to be my new job. It was nerveracking leaving the only full time job that i knew in order to expand my career and my experience but it was totally worth it. Not only have i expanded on the knowledge that i already have but i was also given the opportunities to actually do work in fields that i have a real passion for.

I have also done a few other things this year which include film school, online study of animation, branding redesign, freelance work and much more. I’m constantly pushing myself to learn more and do more to get the most out of myself and improve myself. I’m so happy that i made myself write more in both a script and movie style but also in a blog format. I’ve always enjoyed writing but never got the push to start and keep it going but with the film school and the opportunities i get at work i’ve really been given the chance to write more.

This past year has been good but has also had it’s down sides. My Nonna passed away this year as well as others close to me. I’ve had a friend who i’ve known since i was 16 move to another state but it’s good we can keep in touch. My relationship with my mother is well and truly gone but i’ve also gotten a lot closer with my wife and other family members because of this fact. With all of this downsides of the year i can positively say that i have moved forward in life and things are being placed in motion for my future.

Speaking of the future…
What do i think it has in store or my plans? Well i’m in a few R&D process with a few shows and ideas and i hope that at least one of them comes out next year if not all of them. I want to keep learning and getting more knowledge in my career and stay at SWiM for as long as they would have me. Past that, we have been looking at houses and what we would like to be in place in order to get ‘the one’ house. We aren’t in any rush into moving just yet because we like our setup but we do eventually want to move out. I know people will ask but yes kids are definitely on our radar but it is still a little bit off. For now i still think i’m a little young to have children as i am only 23 but i think in 3 to 5 years there might be some little Joshua’s and Jamie’s running around.

So think back to your year…
Do you think you moved forward?
Do you have any regrets?
What do you plan to have done next year?