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The secret to secrets

There has been a lot of misconception about secrets lately and it has been interesting to see. Most of the time people see secrets as power and use them to blackmail people into doing what they like. Other times people see secrets as just that and keep things to themselves.

You see a secret stops becoming a secret once you tell someone. It’s true that you can have a shared secret which is still a secret but it gets to a point where enough people know that it just becomes knowledge that other people don’t know. Let me give you an example, someone stole from a store and they were all alone and the only person they told about it was me then that would be a shared secret. However, if they told 10 or so people it no longer becomes a secret and just becomes knowledge. A safe is no longer a secure storage space if everyone has a passcode. Knowing if a secret is still a secret can sometimes be hard to judge as you never know who actually knows.

For me if you don’t want people to know something then don’t tell them. It’s a very simple concept i know but it’s something a lot of people have trouble with. We sometimes have the need to share every little detail of our life with others. I know this might sound funny coming from someone who puts everything he does online but it’s true. Everyone has secrets but it’s when you tell a secret and still don’t want people to know about it, thats when it no longer becomes a secret.

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