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Talking about my family: My Uncle David

Lets talk about one of my uncles…


My uncles name is David Holt (who is married to Colleen Mcadam-Holt). My Uncle Dave can sometimes be a little odd but that is what makes him special. He is a very caring man and is always putting himself out there even if it makes his life harder.  He not only works as a Pastor of our church but also in a gym as a personal trainer.

As long as i can remember my Uncle Dave has been around and we have had many long talks and teaching conversations which i love. He has help me though so much and has also not only taught me how to be a better person but also the right way to treat others.


One thing i loved when i was a kid was the competitions and cricket matches we had. It was always me, Joel, Brad and Andy against My Dad and Uncle Dave and we were all really competitive. Whenever we had a family function we would always go out and play cricket for hours. We would then come back all dirty and sweaty but it was always so much fun, even though most of the time we lost.

When we were playing, even though we were competing, he always stopped play to help us improve. This is a great example of what kind of man he really was, always helping and putting others before himself and even stopping what he was doing to help others.


My Uncle Dave is an awesome and strong man and a great mentor for me. He has taught me so much and helped me in growing into the man i am today. He has given me so many opportunities to improve my skills not only in my career but as a person. I thank him so much for that and don’t know where i would be today if it weren’t for him.


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