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Talking about my family: My Cousin Ashley

Well, Well, Well looks like it is time to talk about my cousin…

Her name is Ashley Holt…well at least it will be for now. Ashley is a strange young lady but like her father that is what makes her special. I’ve known Ashley for years and we have grown up together, but what is growing up together if you don’t have stories to tell.


Ashley and I always gave each other crap and constantly made fun of eachother but there was one point when we were kids that i wanted to strangle her but i couldn’t. This was when i broke my arm…you see like normal kids break their arms and like normal i was in a sling. When you are in a sling you normally have that arm tucked into a jacket. Everyone was no nice to me by helping me eat and grab things and just generally helpful but oh no not Ashley. She thought it was hilarious to unzip my jacket and make me zip it back up. She would do this constantly and just stand there laughing, so you see i wanted to strangle her but because of my arm i couldn’t.


I used to hang out a lot with Ashley and we shared a lot of secrets with each other but i’m not going to share any of them…ok well i will share one with you but it is a nice one. Back before we were dating our current partners we were obviously getting to know our partners and it just happens that we asked our partners out at the same time. When Ashley was massaging Nathan (her fiance) the look on her face was something i had never seen on her face before. She just had this smile and was all jumpy, so i asked Ashley who she was messaging but she wouldn’t tell me. This went on for a while, she would get these messages and have a massive smile on her face and i would keep asking her but she wouldn’t tell me. So i was like fine don’t tell me, little while went past and she was dating Nathan. After they had been dating for a while i said was he the one you where messaging and she said yes and i was like ok cool. Then i thought back and realised her reaction to his messages so i said to her, you must really like him. She then told me that she thinks that it is more than just like and that she loves him.


You see Ashley has a close group of friends that she shares everything with but past that she has a massive circle of people that she has touched. She might seem like a shy person at times but i think thats why me and her get along so well. It doesn’t take long for Ashley to have people opening up to her and telling her all about their life and that is the great thing about her. She is kind and compassionate and you know that when she asks you about your day she actually wants to know.

She is an awesome cousin and a great friend and i love her to bits


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