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Talking about my family: My Aunty Colz

You know when you have that one Aunty, the Aunt that is the ‘cool’ one?

Well that is not this Aunty…


I joke, this one Aunty of mine is awesome and her name is Colleen Mcadam-Holt (who is married to David Holt). For as long as i can remember my Aunty has always been there, i can’t really remember a time she wasn’t. When i was younger my Aunty ran a swimming school called Collswim Swimming Academy which i was a part of for a very long time. I helped in the canteen, taught kids how to swim and even swam there. From learning how to swim at Collswim i then went on and in high school participated in competitions which she came to a few. Even though there was people yelling and screaming while i was racing i could always pick her voice out of the cowed and it made me swim faster. I’m also fairly sure that most of her other students can say the same thing.


One of the others things i remember from my childhood was when i was over at her house. When i was a kid i spent a lot of time over at my Aunty Colleen’s house, you could possibly say i lived there, and when i stayed over she would always make us crepes. We would be up in my cousin’s room and she would just come up and ask if we wanted crepes and honestly who would say no? She would then go down stairs and make up the batter and all the toppings from scratch. That is something i will always remember because it showed that my Aunty Collz would put herself out for not only her kids but for her family.


I have tons of stories about my Aunty Collz but i think i will save some of them for her 50th as they might be a little embarrassing but my Aunty has always been there for me. No matter what i’ve done or what has happened she was always there for me. Even when i stole money from her she was helpful and got me through it and forgave me for what i did wrong.

She is basically my second mum because in a way she raised me and treated me like her own. She is an awesome woman and a very strong and determined woman as well, once she sets her mind on something she works really hard to get it. She has been a great example to me and we always have a laugh. I love my Aunty Colz and i couldn’t imagine my life without her.

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