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Talking about my family: My 2 Cousins

It’s time to talk about 2 Cousins of mine…


These cousins go by the name of Joel Weinber and Bradley Holt but they are much more than that. Joel is a registered nurse and Brad is a Myotherapist and they have both been around for as long as i can remember. They are the sons of Colleen and David (posted about them earlier) and to me they are basically brothers.


We have spent a ton of time together both as kids and as adults and have more stories than i can count. I will try and write a few stories and some of the crap that we got up to when we were younger but we will see how we go.

We always played sport together but most commonly we would play soccer in their backyard but it wasn’t typical soccer. One player from each team would have to stay in goal while the other would do the kicking. This might sound strange but their backyard wasn’t all that big so this made it a bit more even. The teams were always the same it was me and Joel vs Brad and Andrew, they sometimes changed but we found this to be the most fair. We would play for hours on end and have grass stains and scratches all over our bodies but we loved it and kept playing.


We would also once it was too dark we would go upstairs and play video games, sometimes even a game called SEGA Soccer Slam. The game that we played the most however was Gauntlet Legends on the gamecube. I can safely say we played the crap out of that game but there was one moment however that we all remember and will tell for many years to come. As part of the game you have an enemy called death who can either take your health or experience. There are also chests that you can unlock and get gold or health but some of them can have death pop out. Even though you are the one who unlocks it other players can swoop by and steal what ever there was in the game. It was also the type of game where if 3 people of the team run forward the other one left can get stuck behind a ramp or in a room.

Now with the setup out of the way time for the story. We were all playing the game and Joel in particular was known to steal your gold when you open the chest and for some reason Brad always got his chests got stolen. It got to a point in the level where Brad found this little room that had a few chests and he started gloating saying that all the chests were his because we run off ahead and he was locked in there and we were locked out. Well it just happens that the chest he opened had an experience stealing death in it. Brad kept yelling at us telling us to come back and help him out of the room but we were laughing to hard. Then we decided ok we will help and as we where running back, the game must have gone silent for a second because all we heard was ‘Red Dwarf has lost a level’, which was Brads character and that just made us laugh even harder. That was always the nature of us playing games together, once you got cocky or started gloating the other 3 would put you back in your place.


Thinking back to those times i always wondered why they hung out with me and Andy so much. It would really make sense why 2 boys who are older by 3 or 5 years would hang out with 2 younger boys. The thing is that we were more than cousins and more than friends…we were brothers and we did everything together. These two older brothers of mine not only taught me how to treat others, how to have fun and how to be a man but also how to be an older brother to my little brother.

These 2 brothers are what help make my childhood what it was and helped me learn alot about life. They are both kind and giving, when ever we needed money to go out to the movies they would pay for us, if we needed a lift somewhere they would take us there no questions asked. If we needed protection from bullies they would step in and help us, even if seeing them like that scares the crap out of me but that is a story for another day.

If you haven’t gotten to know these 2 guys by now you should. I love my brothers and i couldn’t think of how boring my childhood would have been if they didn’t decide to hang out with me.


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