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Talking about my family: My Dad

Lets talk about my dad…

My dad’s name is Richard Curci and he is the best dad in the world.


My dad is an awesome man, always supportive and helpful. He does everything for us kids and is the kind of man i want to grow up to be. He always gave us any free time that he had to us by either taking us across the road to play cricket, go for a bike ride or sit and watch crappy cartoons with us.


There was however always one thing that us kids had with our dad, for me it was rock climbing. When i was a kid every Monday my dad would take me to the local rock climbing place in Essendon and for about an hour or 2 we would just chat and climb walls. The whole time we were there however i climbed all the walls where dad held me there and kept me safe and i think that shows a great example to his character. You see my dad was always a giving person and he never expected anything in return. There was even moments when i wasn’t earning a lot of money when he would come into my room and ask how things are with Jamie then give me some cash and say “Here is $__, i want you to take Jamie out on a date and don’t worry about paying me back”.


That was always my dad, he was always there when we needed him. Some people say i look alot like him which i think is true to an extent but i hope i don’t get his hair or better lack of hair. When i was a kid there was also this strange thing where whenever i would get hurt i would find out my dad got hurt at work as well.

My dad however stuck though everything and did all that he could for us kids. He even went and did a mission trip to help orphan children, even though i missed him for the time he was away it just makes me happy that these kids have someone like my dad to hang out with for a month.

Well that there is my dad, he is a strong man but can sometimes look and act like a dork…but he is my dorky dad.

About Joshua Curci

Joshua Curci
I'm a very open person and a very honest person. You can ask me any question and I will answer it honestly but don't ask a question you don't want to know the answer to. My full name is Joshua Richard Curci and I am currently 22 years old. I love video games and movies and I keep up to date with all the new movies and video games. I also play basketball and I follow the NBA, NFL and AFL. I also love swimming and surfing and try to do both as much as I can. I love making effects tests which you can see on my portfolio page I do most of the videos for fun and not for a client but I only have limited hardware so my ideas don't come out like I envision them. I'm always looking for more projects and ideas ether voluntary or payed work but as I have already stated I have very limited hardware. If you need any info or want to contact me for anything then you can follow me bellow or contact me on my contact page.

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