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Update on Me

If you watched my stream last night you know that some stuff is changing over the next few weeks. Even though I explained it in my stream I thought i would write up a blog post just explaining it in greater detail. Firstly the status of my streams. Twitch streaming has …

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Project Update July 2015

It’s now end of financial year! Not that this means anything to me but it means i have an excuse for an update post. I did do a few update videos about what my plan for 2015 is but that has changed a little. I’m always trying new things and …

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Project Update

Time for a new update! I’ve also included not only projects but operations. Operations are things that i’m researching or something that doesn’t really provide online content. Sometimes operations will turn into projects but we will see what happens. Project Let’s Play Have released a bunch in Destiny but looking …

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Project Update – So good to be back!

It is so good to be back and focussing on personal projects again. Even though i have a day job i always leave myself some wiggle room in my schedule to build on personal projects and review assets. The last 2 months have been really busy and i haven’t really …

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News Update!!!

What’s happening blog readers? I’ve decided to write this blog as a sort of news update for you all. First off i just want to thank everyone for reading this blog and showing an interest in what i do and write because of this it has encouraged me to make …

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Update for you all

Hey guys been a long time… I’ve been really busy of late, been attending a film course on Thursday night and have creating new animation content. Some of you may know that animation might take some time and especially when you are doing it all by yourself. I’ve got the show idea …

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