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My online TV show and coming up with a name

A while ago I mentioned that I am making a show and you can find that article here. Well, progress has been slow as I’ve been learning everything as I go along and as I don’t have the time or money for ‘official’ training, I’ve been self-teaching. With all of that …

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Addictive TV shows

You know how there are some shows that are so addictive you can’t help but watch them? I’ve had a few shows now that i just keep watching and watching and can’t stop. Sometimes i don’t even know why i’m still watching but they are just that addictive. One show …

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The Walking Dead

I am in love with the walking dead!! I love both the show and the comic book…i can’t get enough of it. Wasn’t to sure about the way the show has a different story line than the book but in recent episodes it seams like they are getting back on …

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