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Finding balance in life

Finding balance in life can be hard and there is a real danger of not finding that balance. You can be worked to the bone and so stressed out that you start to lose motivation. However, I have a few solutions that can help. Save time for hobbies We spend …

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A day in the life: My first magic show

Here is the recording from my first ever magic show. I was a little nervous but i think it went really well. Don’t forget to subscribe here on youtube and to like Joshua’s facebook page for all the updates JoshuaCurci: http://bit.ly/Joshua-Curci JoshuaCurci Gaming: http://bit.ly/JoshuaCurci-Gaming Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jrcurci Twitter: http://twitter.com/joshee23 Instagram: http://instagram.com/user/joshuacurci …

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Your life is your life

A little while ago i posted an article about doing what makes you happy and this article is along those lines. The basic line from this article that you can take away is that ‘your life is your life and no one can tell you how to live it’. Before …

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Day in the life of a developer

When I show the boss that I have finally fixed this bug when I can’t stop a query which is deleting all the database When the project manager enters the office When I’m deploying code to production When I try to fix a bug at 3 in the morning When …

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Calm before the storm

Have you ever had that feeling that everything seems to be going too well? I have had that feeling recently and it has made me a little paranoid about what is to come. Everything in the past few months has been going well. From work to personal projects to basically …

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