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Starting up my blog again

How is everyone doing? I’ve missed you guys. I’ve missed writing up my blog for you all to read so I have decided to start them up again. I think the last blog post i wrote was like 6 months ago and I’ll be starting them up again. I’m not …

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Blog Advertising

Many people have asked me…how do these YouTube people make money doing what they do? Well the answer is simple they register for google adsense. This service is google’s way of helping the internet community make a little extra cash and also making money off ads. Now google has many …

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Star Wars buyout and Sleepy

Hey Guys… So much to talk about today and not to mention i am exhausted. Been working hard at work and on some of my side projects and i am tired but i get a public holiday in 4 days so looking forward to that. Big news though guys Lucasfilm …

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Brain Exploding

My brain is currently exploding I have so much crap going on at the moment and so many issues to deal with that i am now having constant headaches. We have our health checks next week here at work and that prob wont go well, at all. I’m guessing high …

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Welcome (NEW)

Welcome to the new and improved joshuacurci.com.au… I have been working hard to update this website so it is more efficient and better to look at. There is still some stuff i am still undecided on and still want changed but this is basically it. Feel free to have a …

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