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First off, I’d just like to thank Josh for giving me the platform to sharpen my writing skills and express myself through the greatest and most evil invention of my lifetime, the internet. My name is Stephen and I’ll be posting up different pieces of writing from time to time based on a range of different topics. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Communication degree, which specialises in Professional Writing and as a result I’d like to work in the writing field. To what capacity I’m not quite sure just yet but I’m looking to explore my options and create a portfolio using this site and get into the habit of writing as a part of my lifestyle. Some of my interests include gaming (mainly FIFA but also particular RPG’s – Skyrim etc.), music (ranging from heavy metal to electronic), television shows (Game of Thrones leads the pack followed closely by House of Cards and Boardwalk Empire) and what I call football (soccer) with my two favourite teams being Melbourne Victory and Manchester United. I’m looking forward to writing for the site and I hope all those that have a keen interest in following this site enjoy whatever I put up.