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Star Wars buyout and Sleepy

Hey Guys…

So much to talk about today and not to mention i am exhausted. Been working hard at work and on some of my side projects and i am tired but i get a public holiday in 4 days so looking forward to that.

Big news though guys Lucasfilm has been bought out by Disney


Thats right people, Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4.5 billion which is not to bad. The funny thing though people are just saying $4 billion because “who cares about the $0.5 billion” but let me tell you this that 0.5 is still $500 million…just saying.

Also big news is that they are making Star Wars Episode 7,8 and 9


…but i will let you judge if this is a good idea or not. Personally i think it would be awesome.

On to me now i have been working on a few side projects with the main ones being a new and refurbished jcitonline.com, my Iron Man costume and fixing up my games/computer area at home but that is a little way off but i might post pics of it as soon as i am done.

The electronics of the Iron Man costume are a little more complicated but it will soon be ready to show you. Most of the issue i am having is making it look cool as well as natural and making it feel comfortable once it is in the suit. It is getting there though so not long off but the public holiday in a few day will help me finish it soon.

Another project i am looking at starting in 2013 is a new animation show but still not 100% on what type of animation. The scripts have almost been written and soon i will be moving onto character design and the animation process. It is a big project but i think it will be a really good one.

So as you can see you know why i am tired and a little sleepy. To make matters worse though i am looking at starting a v-log here or on YouTube but i have a feeling that could make things worse for me but let me know if you like that idea.

Have a good one guys and until next time.

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