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Slowing down for idiots

I’m amazed at the distrust and what people can sue for these days. I heard a story about a robber who went to steal from a house and when he broke a window and climbed into the kitchen, he slipped and cut himself on a knife.

My main question about this is should we be slowing down for these idiots or just run them over? I know the question is more of a metaphor but i still think it is reasonable. When you drink a takeaway coffee you know what it says on it? ‘Caution Contents Hot’. Also when you go to a hotel the box that is around a shower cap says ‘Fits one head’. What has happened in society that has made us put these labels on our products. The most idiotic one i’ve seen is if you look at the box your iron came in. It says, “Warning, do not iron clothes while wearing them”. This is what i’m talking about, if you’re to stupid to know not to iron your clothes while wearing them, then giving them this warning is not going to make a difference because most likely they can’t read.

Seriously, in society why must we do this? We slow down and make things easier for people to live. Survival of the fittest no longer stands true in our world because we cater to the weak or stupid. One of the first things that I need to ask myself after coming up with a website design is, How would a stupid user use this? I then from there have to change the design in order to fix for a user who might have trouble with simple concepts on the site. Mind you they aren’t overly that difficult but i still need to keep it in mind.

Where do we draw the line? What labels so we include and what ones do we take out? Some of the signs are good and useful for people who might not know what something does. Other things that seem obvious probably doesn’t need a sign or a label but then what do you consider to be obvious? I would of thought not ironing your clothes while wearing them was obvious. Do we need to put a sign on trains that say don’t step in front of or even labels on food that say ‘‘Caution contains food’ or ‘‘Caution could choke on food’. Does this then mean if i choke on some food if it doesn’t have this label on it i can sue the company? Where is the line?

I want to know what you think, are we slowing down to much for idiots or should we run them over? Should we be putting labels on everything to warn people?

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