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Shelby Osborne – Is this really a gender equality issue?

Not sure if you know about this story or not but i’ll give you a little overview…

1401997090000-shelbyosborne3-300x211Shelby Osborne a senior at Jeffersonville High School in Lafayette, Indiana, signed to Campbellsville University’s football program last week, making her the first female defensive back in the history of college football. She’s not the first female player in college football, but when women are included on teams, they generally play kicker or holder.

Personally i’m all for it, if she wants to play then let her play. The issue i have though is people are making it out to be such a big thing and that it is a step forward in gender equality and knocking the walls down when it comes to gender stereotypes but this isn’t really the case. You see football (gridiron) in America is much like AFL in Australia in which if you win you get more money and better sponsors also the coaches look better if their team wins more. So with this in mind you can see why this really isn’t a gender equality issue, if not i will spell it out for you.

In AFL when you pick a team are you going to get a skinny person or a muscular person to play in defence? Most people would pick the muscled person, why? The simple reason is that the muscled person is bigger and stronger and will take down the forward they are playing on and stop the team from scoring goals. This isn’t because you are a boy or a girl but because physically you are bigger and have a better chance at winning the game. If a girl wanted to play AFL and could take down the guys she is playing against and is a good asset to the team then she should be allowed to play.

Shelby Osborne worked hard to be selected in her team. She ran every day, did weights, practiced and in the end she got selected because she was a good player and provided an asset to the team to help them win. In the end if you are girl and want to play in the AFL or football or basketball, then work your ass off to be noticed as a good player and you will have teams and coaches begging you to join the team.


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