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Robot Apocolipse and the internet

Ever since the terminator move we have been always scared of a robot uprising. Either the AI would become too smart and take over or people would use them for evil.

For a robot uprising to occur, there needs to be a point in time where we as humans trust the robot too much or more than we should. There are many robots in movies and tv that have given us examples and are scarily close to coming true. Look at RoboCop, this might seem far away but robotic enhancements are already in development. Robot prosthetics are already being used by humans but this doesn’t really give us anything to worry about as they are still humans, they still have control.

You might be thinking ‘well the terminator is a great robot’ and you might think that’s right but it’s not. For a robot to be considered a threat to a robot uprising they need to have existed before the singularity, in other words, they need to have existed before or at the time the uprising started. It doesn’t count if the robot was created by a robot after the uprising is already underway. The singularity is also the point where the robot becomes smarter than humans.

When you think of it, the scariest robot is actually the Iron Giant…

It is assumed to be sent from an alien race, it has no human inventor. Therefore there is no handicap or glaring weakness, also there is no singularity required to give it sentience. It can also be said about transformers as well. Both are alien robots, both have massive weaponry and don’t need a singularity to give it sentience.

But let’s bring this back down to relevancy…

There is actually a robot that is extremely close to being a threat to a robot uprising and you might even have the answer in your hand. It’s the internet, it’s basically our Skynet.

You see the internet makes us less intelligent, it turns us into cruel idiots that rely on the information on the phone to answer questions. Want to know how to convert a measurement, just google it. The term ‘Google it’ has become our answer for everything as we might not know the answer.

It can also take all the movies in the world and provide us with lists and patterns of common themes in them. It can predict the text we are writing and not only that but can give us the answer even before we have asked the question.

From our perspective we think is a tool but we need the phone/internet a whole lot more than it needs us. If we don’t use it then the internet still exists. We rely on the internet to have all the facts and as we get dumber and more reliant it just gets bigger and bigger. It’s only going to get better at predicting our thoughts and needs and even worse it can’t be killed. There is not one person who is in control of the internet and there is no switch to just turn it off. The best minds in the world are working on ways to make it smarter, better and more self-sufficient.

The point where we trust the robots too much has already happened, we just need to wait for the singularity.

That’s just something scary for you all to think about

Until next time…

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