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Respect your elders?

This is something i know people are going to have opinions about but i feel like it is something that always remains unsaid.

Respecting your elders is something we are born with. We are always told to respect your elders and look up to your elders, but where do we draw the line? Where do we stop looking up to our elders? What if our elders are wrong? What if you have lost respect for them?

These are all genuine questions that people just don’t ask. I’ve just turned 24 and i feel i’m at an age where i should not been seen as a child. I’m happily married and have been for 2 years and am in a now 6 year long relationship. I’ve also been in the workforce full time for 2 and a half years so does this mean i’m mature enough to be considered, not necessary an elder but at least an adult? If so then why would someone in this position not be treated with respect?

On the other side what if you’re an elder and you do something colossally wrong? I have people older than me to have actually called themselves my elder but i’ve since lost respect for them. This is because they have done something that was completely wrong, and i did my research. It wasn’t like i just don’t like them or they just offended me, it was something that multiple people agreed that was wrong. So then do they still deserve my respect? or do i have every right not to respect them? or am i talking about trust or both?

What do you guys think? I want to know what you think about what i’ve talked about. Have you lost respect for someone? When do you think someone should start being respected as an adult?

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