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Project Update July 2015

It’s now end of financial year!

Not that this means anything to me but it means i have an excuse for an update post. I did do a few update videos about what my plan for 2015 is but that has changed a little. I’m always trying new things and new formats so things will change and that’s the point of this post is to show you the things that have changed. The main thing that will change is that i’m moving house but don’t worry we will be updating you on the progress of that as it gets closer but for now here are all the open projects.

First off here are a few projects that are just on going:
Project Let’s Play – Still an ongoing project and nothing new to report here. I have released a few videos and looking at doing more.
Project Facelift – I now have 2 channels for better organisation of my videos and the site is fully operational
Project Hollywood – Currently on hold
Project Freelance – Moving forward and picking up new projects when i can.

Operation DIY

The last few builds have gone well and they are all in use and now i’m working on the next steps. I’ve found as building all my projects that i don’t have a work bench and just working in the space that i have. So my next DIY project will be building a foldable work bench. This however won’t happen until we move house as i currently don’t have the space for it. With this bench i’ll be able to open it and fold it down when i want to work on a new project giving me the space i need.

Project Twitch

This is one i’m really excited about and have been wanting to do for a while. Basically this all started because i love watching twitch live streams and thought to myself that i would like to do this. Well i have all the equipment so why not. Starting soon i will be streaming for an hour once a week, mainly on Thursdays but sometimes on Wednesdays. I’m not really expecting much from it but more of a fun thing that i’ve always wanted to do.

I know i haven’t been posting as much as i should but that will now change. The reason why is because a lot has been happening at work lately which i think i might cover in an upcoming video.

As always if you have any questions let me know


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Joshua Curci
I'm a very open person and a very honest person. You can ask me any question and I will answer it honestly but don't ask a question you don't want to know the answer to. My full name is Joshua Richard Curci and I am currently 22 years old. I love video games and movies and I keep up to date with all the new movies and video games. I also play basketball and I follow the NBA, NFL and AFL. I also love swimming and surfing and try to do both as much as I can. I love making effects tests which you can see on my portfolio page I do most of the videos for fun and not for a client but I only have limited hardware so my ideas don't come out like I envision them. I'm always looking for more projects and ideas ether voluntary or payed work but as I have already stated I have very limited hardware. If you need any info or want to contact me for anything then you can follow me bellow or contact me on my contact page.

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