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Project Update – So good to be back!

It is so good to be back and focussing on personal projects again. Even though i have a day job i always leave myself some wiggle room in my schedule to build on personal projects and review assets. The last 2 months have been really busy and i haven’t really had time to focus on personal projects and work like that but that is all done now. I’m going to be going through all my assets online and cleaning them up and bringing them back into line with how i envision them. So again i have a project update for you all so you know what i know and know what i’m up to and working on, I’ve also split it into personal and work related projects.


Project S.W.O.R.D

Project is currently on hold for the moment as development has kind of hit a roadblock but hopefully it will be back soon.

Project Let’s Play

Finally back to recording these. I’ve made a few and have released them but really wanting to make more husband and wife episodes and broop episode so stay tuned for that. Also trying to find more games to play and make more entertaining.

Project Facelift

As you can see the site has had a facelift and now looks sleeker and better than ever. Not only that i’m in the process of making a new youtube trailer and updating the work on my youtube page. I’m also going through all my online web shows to update the intro and outro videos to make them look how i want them

Project Ghost Writer

For a long time now i’ve been trying to find other writers for the site and i have finally found one. He will be releasing his first article this week and i’m really excited to see what he comes up with.

Project Online Store

This is an enhancement of my personal site. What i’m planning on doing is opening up an online store where i sell t-shirts mainly but will hopefully expand into other things like hats, hoodies, scarves etc. I’m in the process of finding a t-shirt printer but will hopefully be opening that part of the store soon.

Project Hollywood

I’m writing a movie!!!
Well started to anyway…i’ve started development on a movie idea that i have had for a while but haven’t really pushed forward with yet. I’ve started writing the basic outline of it and will hopefully start filming at the end of the year but thats only if i like what i’ve written. Stay tuned for updates on this project as i might give some little previews.

Work Related

Project Tiny Dancer 2.0

This project is nearing completion…

This is a website build for a dance company that we have been asked to build. We have begun the build and are almost finished with the build. This will be a fully responsive design and will also include social media connections and enhancements.

Project Freelance (formerly J.C I.T)

Again this is my freelance company but things are changing. We are rebranding and re naming the company to better suit our goals. Not only that but we are moving the company into a better direction where the company is made up of freelancers. We have decided to go in this direction to keep costs down and to keep quality up.


Hopefully that gives you an idea on what i’ve been working on of late and you know what i’ve been up to

About Joshua Curci

Joshua Curci
I'm a very open person and a very honest person. You can ask me any question and I will answer it honestly but don't ask a question you don't want to know the answer to. My full name is Joshua Richard Curci and I am currently 22 years old. I love video games and movies and I keep up to date with all the new movies and video games. I also play basketball and I follow the NBA, NFL and AFL. I also love swimming and surfing and try to do both as much as I can. I love making effects tests which you can see on my portfolio page I do most of the videos for fun and not for a client but I only have limited hardware so my ideas don't come out like I envision them. I'm always looking for more projects and ideas ether voluntary or payed work but as I have already stated I have very limited hardware. If you need any info or want to contact me for anything then you can follow me bellow or contact me on my contact page.

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