Well i’ve talked about it and it’s time for a project update…
Some projects i’ve used code names for just because i either don’t really have a name for them or they are a project still under construction.

Project FramedImage

This is a site i’ve been working on for some time and best thing is they have decided to sponsor me. Basicly i was contacted to build a site for a client which sold his images online but not just the images, customers would also have the option to get the image printed and/or framed. This website just wrapped up and is now public so you all should all have a look, the images are great and the product is of high quality.


Project Tiny Dancer

This project is currently under development…
This is a website build for a dance company that we have been asked to build. We have been in talks and have had a few meetings with them but as of yet we haven’t started development. Hopefully we will get started in a few weeks but we are excited to get our teeth into this one


Project Sponsor

You may or maynot have read in our other blog but we are in the process of adding in sponsor content to the site. Basically what this means is that I will be adding in my normal blog posts but i will also be adding in sponsored content. I’m unsure how much this sponsorship will be going for but you can see all the details that i have here (https://joshuacurci.com.au/sponsor-content-and-future-of-joshuacurci-com-au/).


Project J.C I.T

You all should know by now that i have my own freelance agency where i do all my work from. Most of the online material is done and live but there is still all the printed material to go. It’s still being developed and just trying to get all the details right, then from there is is full on advertising. Making ads and getting the name back out there in order to get more and more business.


Project Face Lift

With the inclusion of sponsored content on my site i thought that the site needs a few upgrades. The first off would be a style upgrade to something a little nicer and user friendly. I’ve been looking at a few different designs but as of yet still deciding on which ones i like. I’ve also been looking into opening up a social network component of the site to allow people to post their own stuff and also chat with each other. Much like a community site but only BETTER!
Not really better more or less the same.


Project Let’s Play

I know i have been a little slack lately with this but thats only because i’ve been focusing on Project S.W.O.R.D. Though i will hopefully be making more lets play videos soon because i really enjoy making them for you guys. I’ve also been thinking on running a competition with these or like a vs or a horse type video.


Project S.W.O.R.D

I have teased this the most out of everything that i have been making lately.


If you have not seen it yet then you haven’t been paying attention to what i post. This is a project that has been in the making for a long long time and i have been making and learning how to do this from scratch.

This project has partly been the reason why i have been thinking of opening up sponsor content, it is the fact that it is taking a long time and the fact that i’m loving what i’m doing is what’s making this project open my eyes a little more to how much work goes involved into animating.


Well whats it for now guys but keep tuned to my site for more and more updates…