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Project Update

Time for a new update! I’ve also included not only projects but operations. Operations are things that i’m researching or something that doesn’t really provide online content. Sometimes operations will turn into projects but we will see what happens.

Project Let’s Play

Have released a bunch in Destiny but looking for more games to play. The thought at the moment is to look into indie games but trying to find the time to review the game before playing.

Project Facelift

The site has been through a rough patch but we are getting back to normal. I’m still updating my online folio but am about 50% the way through. I’m also going through all my assets on Youtube and my graphics to make sure everything is consistent and looking professional.

Project Hollywood

I’m still writing my movie but has more split into 2 movies…oops.
While i was writing the initial script i had an idea to make the 2nd one. They are both still in early stages and i am planning on posting some designs and concept art.

Operation DIY

As you all know i’m not loaded with money so what i’m currently doing is constructing 2 things. The first being a teleprompter and the other being a lighting kit. These are both going to be used while filming and the parts are currently being delivered. I’m hoping to post some time lapse videos for you all so you can have a look at the build.

Project Freelance

The rebrand has been finished and the new site is up live. We are now called SpiderCat Studios so go check us out spidercatstudios.com.au.

Operation Moving Forward

This is just an operation that i’ve put together as a general brainstorm of the next few years. The main things i’m looking into are what i want to learn to provide the knowledge for projects i have ether postponed or have hit road blocks in.

As always if you have any questions let me know

About Joshua Curci

Joshua Curci
I'm a very open person and a very honest person. You can ask me any question and I will answer it honestly but don't ask a question you don't want to know the answer to. My full name is Joshua Richard Curci and I am currently 22 years old. I love video games and movies and I keep up to date with all the new movies and video games. I also play basketball and I follow the NBA, NFL and AFL. I also love swimming and surfing and try to do both as much as I can. I love making effects tests which you can see on my portfolio page I do most of the videos for fun and not for a client but I only have limited hardware so my ideas don't come out like I envision them. I'm always looking for more projects and ideas ether voluntary or payed work but as I have already stated I have very limited hardware. If you need any info or want to contact me for anything then you can follow me bellow or contact me on my contact page.

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