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Problems, problems, problems

Everyone has problems and issues but what happens in society is we all think our issues are greater than someone elses issues. In all reality they aren’t and we need to stop comparing them.

I heard once a conversation between a 16 year old and a 27 year old recently and it made me a little mad. The conversation was that the 16 year old was studying for exams as well as working and was telling the 27 y/o how tired they were. Not saying how difficult it was or that they are struggling, just that they are tired. The 27 year old then preceded to say ‘well you have no idea what it’s like to be an adult like me’. This comment bugged me because even though the person was 27 years old, they weren’t acting like it. Of course the 16 year old doesn’t know what it’s like because they are still a kid and they have all of that to look forward to. Just because you are now older and a younger person is tired from experiencing stress and busyness that they haven’t experienced before, doesn’t mean you can put them down further.

Nobody and i mean NOBODY’S problems are harder or easier than anyone elses. Problems and issues are just that, problems and issues, don’t bring someone else down because you think yours are bigger than theirs. Everyone goes through crap and everyone has things to deal with, but don’t make them feel bad by fishing for some sympathy to feed your ego.

We should be sticking together and helping one another


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