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News Update!!

There has been a lot going on with me atm but I will try and break it all down for you…

My Video Course – This has been going well, with only a few weeks left to go I’m looking forward to having my Thursdays back. When it comes to the end of the week I’m absolutely dead. However this course has allowed me to learn more not only about lighting but how to give good direction to the actors. Most of the other stuff I already knew but it was good to get some refinement.

The Video I promised – In my last update I said I would upload a video for you all to watch but I’ve been having 2nd thoughts about it. I’m still not 100% sure if I want to upload it to the public or just keep it to the audience I showed it to in the 1st showing. The reason I have come to this was the fact that it was a rushed job and was to test the camera (so some of the shots didn’t work out well). You will find out my decision soon.

Let’s Plays – I have a new lets play in the works but have been unable to edit due to some computer problems and was missing one of the guys footage. There is at least on to come but it will belong to I’m looking at cutting it up into maybe 2 or 3 but will see once I can get back into using my laptop.

J.C I.T – This, for you who don’t know, is my freelance company. For a long time it was just sitting there and collecting dust. I had old logos, old websites and not much about the company figured out. Now I have most of the stuff fixed and worked out, it is still a work in progress but it is getting there. It will be ready for a public release soon and we might even have a grand opening.

Personal Projects – There is a few atm but the main one is my computer. My laptop as been out of commission lately and I haven’t been able to do any work at all but I fixed it and I’m in the process of reloading my files and programs. Once this is ready to go the 1st thing on my list is my personal website. There is a lot of work to do on this as I am still in the process of transferring it over to a new format and new CMS. Next after that is my animation work, the reason why I’m doing it in this order is because I want a good platform to show my animation work on. I’m still going to be putting it on YouTube and prob Facebook but I also wanted a website for it which might be both my personal site (as folio work) and J.C I.T as a production show.

I think this is all the work I have going on atm and I will try to keep you updated when I can but till next time…

About Joshua Curci

Joshua Curci
I'm a very open person and a very honest person. You can ask me any question and I will answer it honestly but don't ask a question you don't want to know the answer to. My full name is Joshua Richard Curci and I am currently 22 years old. I love video games and movies and I keep up to date with all the new movies and video games. I also play basketball and I follow the NBA, NFL and AFL. I also love swimming and surfing and try to do both as much as I can. I love making effects tests which you can see on my portfolio page I do most of the videos for fun and not for a client but I only have limited hardware so my ideas don't come out like I envision them. I'm always looking for more projects and ideas ether voluntary or payed work but as I have already stated I have very limited hardware. If you need any info or want to contact me for anything then you can follow me bellow or contact me on my contact page.

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