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My online TV show and coming up with a name

A while ago I mentioned that I am making a show and you can find that article here.

Well, progress has been slow as I’ve been learning everything as I go along and as I don’t have the time or money for ‘official’ training, I’ve been self-teaching. With all of that still in mind, I’m happy to announce that we are in pre-production.

I have a few more concept art pieces and I’ll share with you further development on Clint.

Over time before the release of the first episode, I’ll be releasing little snippets as well as concept art and character profiles.

I have one issue with the show however and that’s coming up with the name. I have found this really difficult as I’m not sure what to call the show. I’ve tested a few different names but haven’t settled on one name.

This is very important for a TV show as it is what identifies the show. It needs to be unique but also memorable and most importantly it can’t suck. Having a show name that people don’t like the sound of will turn them off straight away.

Currently, I’ve just been calling the show SS (this stands for Superhero Show) which isn’t great but I’m hoping that as I keep working on the show and start making the episodes that the name will come to me.

If you have a name for a superhero TV show that you would like to pass on then let me know but that’s all for now.

See you next time

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