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My Cats

Ok i admit it i have cats…there i got it out lets move on

Even though i do have cats i would say i am still a dog person. I love my cats don’t get we wrong but who wouldn’t…
I mean look at their faces…

Photo 30-10-12 10 00 16 PM

But i would still say a ‘strange’ cat or dog give me a dog any day.

Overall though i just find that having any pet that you didn’t train sometimes makes me a little uneasy but all in all i prefer dogs.

The smaller one is nano, she is a little hyper but she gets tired eventually and naps for ages. The bigger one is called caboose, i named him after caboose from the web series Red vs Blue. They are both good for each other as they keep each other company but they can getting into trouble some times by getting into draws etc.
Well that’s them for you..

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Joshua Curci
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