After watching Captain America 2 I thought i would give people a description of Marvels “Age of Miracles”.

While HYDRA continue as the puppet-masters of planet earth, von Strucker will unleash super-powered humans onto society. When you think about it, human characters with superpowers haven’t really been a big theme so far in the MCU. Iron Man’s abilities are all in the suits; Captain America is honed to perfect physical condition but is still essentially just a man; and the Hulk, although indestructible, is the result of a radiation mishap. When compared to the X-Men and other Marvel heroes, the current on-screen (human) Avengers roster isn’t very heavy on superpowers.

Thor, Loki and other Asgardian characters have introduced the idea that beings from other corners of the nine realms have far more fantastical abilities – flight, witchcraft, controlling lightning and near-immortality being examples that we know about so far.

Since Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were announced to star in Age Of Ultron, there has been speculation about how Marvel Studios would give them their superpowers. Existing as children of Magneto in the comics, these two characters are traditionally mutants.


Without the rights to the X-Men lore, Marvel Studios would have to get creative to introduce these characters, and it looks like it’s found a way. So how has von Strucker gifted ‘the twins’ with the fantastical powers of super speed and telekinesis which we see in the mid-credits sting? With the help of Loki’s sceptre.

Last seen in Black Widow’s hands closing Loki’s portal, the sceptre has previously allowed the God of Mischief to take control of Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye and several other characters. Presumably left lying around while everyone went for shwarma, the sceptre is now with HYDRA.

It seems likely, as it was reintroduced in the same lab as the super-powered siblings, that HYDRA has been experimenting with the sceptre and found a way to use it to give out amazing abilities to ordinary individuals.

Although the MCU has seen aliens, flying suits and huge green rage monsters, it has never seen anything quite like this, which is bound to have big consequences. Dubbed by von Strucker as ‘the age of miracles’, this introduction of new super-powers into the MCU is almost certain to dominate phase three. With Stephen Strange name-dropped in the same movie, it’s worth putting money on him gaining his mystical abilities through similar techniques. With more opportunities arising for new characters, this ‘age of miracles’ could also open the door to a massive crossover event like Civil War.


Will these new characters, and any more HYDRA creations, be able to control their new powers? How long before HYDRA starts using them to attempt total world domination? Can the sceptre create beings with Asgardian levels of power? Expect these questions, and many more, to be raised shortly and for ‘miracles’ and impossible abilities to dominate the MCU for years.