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Magic and Ilusions

A little while ago i saw the Illusionists 2.0 which is a show where different magicians come out and do different illusions. There were card magicians, prop magicians, escape artists and hypnotists. After the show and the few days after i was asked some interesting questions about my view on these type of shows.

I must warn everyone first before reading the rest of the post that i might be spoiling some tricks of the trade as well as some of the show. SO SPOILERS!!!

So lets make this clear, i personally believe that magic doesn’t exist. People can’t make cards appear out of thin air and reappear in their pocket. People also can’t make other people disappear and then reappear at the back of the hall. All of these tricks are done with trap doors and slight of hand. The whole point of magic tricks is to get people to look at one thing while you do something else. It’s more an art of misdirection because “The closer you look, the less you’ll actually see”.

This is the true art of magic and something i love. To perform a trick and see the look on peoples faces as they try and figure out what you did is such a good feeling. However there is a particular type of magic that i have an issue with and that is Hypnotism.

Now for those who don’t know, Hypnotism isn’t brainwashing and it isn’t some dark magic. It is simply putting the mind into a state of high concentration where they are focusing on the one thing. It’s putting someones mind into overdrive and letting the subconscious take over. Everyone has experienced this type of state before, if you have ever been driving home from work and got home and had no recollection of the drive home they you have experienced this type of state. The reason the hypnotist can ‘control’ you in this state is because he is inducing it and your subconscious listens to what he says. You are still in control of your actions and can snap yourself out of it but the reason why the hypnotist is good at keeping you ‘under’ is because he is good at persuading you, thats why they do what they do.

The reason why i have an issue with it is simply because people like to fake it. People pretend that they are hypnotised, i’m not sure why but it happens. I know is doesn’t work on everyone but the ones it does work on i’ve never been fully convinced. That being said i do love watching people making complete fools of themselves. I personally haven’t been hypnotised but i’m sure many others have been and sorry for spoiling them for you.

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