Now i’m not one to keep track of favours but in recent times it has made me wonder if people know the actual cost of a favour?

We all do favours for people whether it be helping move house or helping with an event, what ever the favour there is always a cost. The problem i have is when people don’t know the cost of the favour or even the cost of what has gone into what someone has done. I don’t really think it is right to be like “I helped you move, normally i would charge $200 but for you it will cost nothing”. This is something everyone can do and everyone knows how much it would cost to hire someone for the day to move house. What i’m talking about something that takes training or a skill someone has that you don’t. For example i you have a mechanic friend (has a skill you don’t and has trained) and they fix your car, when you go pick it up don’t just brush off the work. Why not ask about it? Ask them how much time they spent on it and what they did to the car. This will help you get an understanding on what your friend has done for you. From there it is up to you how you pay back that friend.

Favours are a natural thing in the world and they can be very helpful but there are some things to remember:

  • It is something your friend is doing for free
  • It is natural for them to want to put paid work before your favour
  • If its free, don’t complain
  • Continually asking for favours might make your friend upset
  • Be open about asking what time and effort they put into it (sometimes friends spoil us)
  • No matter what it is or how you do it always give your friend credit (it might help their business)

Keeping these in mind won’t make you seem ungrateful

Until next time…