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…but that’s how I was raised

I’m so sick of this excuse…

I’ve heard this a number of times “oh but that’s how I was raised”, thats a load of crap. It doesn’t matter how you were raised you can always stop acting like an asshole.

Using how you were raised is no reason for how you act. There are a lot of people that had crappy upbringings but turned out like a normal person. How you were raised does have an impact on who you are and what you know but how you act can change as time goes on. For example, you don’t really act like a mature human until you are older or have moved out of home. Another example is that you could have been raised by a drunk but does that mean you automatically become a drunk? No it doesn’t!

What it all comes down to is insecurities and lack of want to change. Making the excuse “thats how i was raised” just proves your inability to change or you have insecurities of who you are as a person. Most people don’t change based on the fact that they don’t know who they are. Before i met Jamie i wasn’t half the man i was today but since dating her i have matured and made myself become a man not only she could be proud of but a man i could be proud of being. You don’t want to look into the mirror and not like the person you are looking at or even not know who the person staring back at you is.

First step for me was curiosity…

I started by looking at who i am and who i want to be, then i worked my ass off to get to that point. When i screw up i also don’t say, oh thats how i’m raised. The only real reason you can use that excuse is when you are hanging out with old friends or family. For example, my family constantly make fun of each other when we hang out but when we have a new person come into the family or we have guests then we act like normal humans (kind of). This is the right way to act and not using how you were raised as a cop out.


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Joshua Curci
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