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Halo 4 Review

First off for all of those people who are reading this before you play the game make sure if you want to play multiplayer you need to install disc 2 1st…actually once you get the game install disc 2 anyway will save you some time.

Now onto the review…

There will be spoilers…

You have been warned…

Just letting you all know this game is awesome. I have played half of the campaign and a lot of multiplayer and what i can say is this game is awesome.


The basic story is having been lost in space since the finale of Halo 3, Master Chief and Cortana drift aboard the wreckage of the UNSC frigate Forward Unto Dawn. Cortana wakes Master Chief after a mysterious disturbance and warns him Covenant forces are trying to board the ship. They find themselves near a mysterious Forerunner planet, Reqiuem, where most of the campaign takes place.Cortana reveals that the normal lifespan of an AI is seven years and she is currently in her eighth year. Her exposure to Halo and her operation beyond her natural lifespan have contributed to her becoming “rampant”, a mental state of aged AIs akin to insanity, and which normally results in the ‘death’ of the AI.

The main antagonist is revealed to be The Didact, a Forerunner Promethean.


Now i haven’t finished it yet so i don’t know how it ends and even if i did i wouldn’t tell you because you will just have to play it for yourself. What i can say is that the action and the pace of this game is really good you go from fighting your way out of a ship that is blowing up to being attacked by new monsters to driving for your life to a portal to escape a cave that is falling apart…and this is in the first few missions. I’m hoping the 2nd part isn’t slow but i very much doubt it.


Halo 4 features a new story-driven game mode, titled “Spartan Ops”, that can be played solo or cooperatively on two player split screen and on Xbox Live with up to three other players. It serves as a replacement for the Firefight game mode that featured in Halo: Reach and Halo 3: ODST.Season one of Spartan Ops delivers five new objective-based missions and cinematics each week over a period of ten weeks to players. The 1st time i played this though is was glitchy and didn’t really work to well but i guess that will change.

sparIn the multiplier component of Halo 4, titled Infinity multiplayer, players build their own custom Spartan-IV super-soldier and advance in their multiplayer career which spans across gameplay in War Games, Spartan Ops, Forge and Theater. Players can advance through ranks by earning experience (or XP) by playing War Games, Spartan Ops, using Forge, and by completing both challenges and commendations. Commendations and challenges were first featured in Halo: Reach, both have been expanded in Halo 4. At each rank players earn Spartan Points (SP), which are used to purchase gameplay items such as weapons, armor abilities and various upgrades for personal loadouts. Once players attain rank SR-50 they can enlist into one of the eight available Specializations, enabling players to unlock further customisation for their Spartan. Each Specialization is composed of ten ranks, players cannot switch their Specialization until they complete it. Items for visual customisation are also unlocked by gaining ranks, mastering commendations and completing certain goals. Halo 4 includes Forge, a map-editing tool, that was first featured in Halo 3. Both Forge and War Games can be played on four player split screen, although some War Games playlists may restrict the number of players playing from a single console.


All in all this game is awesome and everyone should get a copy of this game and play it right now…

Till next time


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