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Is flashing your headlights ok?

This was a question that was asked during a game of can of worms that i played and i’m hoping to do a few more like this. The round started off with asking is flashing your headlights to warn people about police ok? In general i think it is ok as it’s not really causing anyone harm but the discussion went on a different root.

Flashing your headlights is a warning to people that police are ahead. This then lets people know to slow down to not get a ticket. I ask then why would we do this? Surly someone who is speeding shouldn’t be doing it in the first place and avoiding consequences would mean that they do it again. Shouldn’t we want these people getting tickets to show them that they shouldn’t be getting away with things and possibly lose their licence? With this being said the conversation then went down a different path again with moving onto the argument of ‘but police put up speed traps’.

Speed traps, in case you don’t know, is where police put up cameras in areas that most people naturally speed like hills, straight roads etc. This then opened up the can of worms (i know i’m sorry) and the conversation then spiralled. Questions where asked like who gives people the right to decide if they can go over the speed limit. Speed limits are in place to protect the users of the road so what we are saying is that you can break the speed limit as long as you don’t get caught. These traps are set for a reason but just because the police put these traps here doesn’t give you the right to break the law.

I want to know what you think…is it ok to flash your headlights with all of this in mind? Should we be warning the idiots to stop doing idiotic things? I think i wrote something along these lines earlier.


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