I’ve been watching a few videos and with my experience with playing video games there has been something i have been thinking about. What would happen if you played a game not knowing about a key function and completing it?

Let me tell you a story, lately me and my wife have been playing a lot of video games and most recently we have been playing Super Mario 64 DS. Now this game is a remake of the old Super Mario on the N64 so some of the features are a little different. Jamie played this game for a while and finished the first few levels not knowing that you could run. If you have played this game on the DS then you know that if you can only walk it will take forever. However Jamie still managed to complete the first 3 or 4 levels before i told her about it.

This isn’t the only story that i’ve heard about regarding this. I’ve heard of gamers not knowing about lock on features in shooters or not knowing you can chain attacks. This has then made me think about whether it is impressive or not for someone to be able to finish a game without using a key feature or a feature that makes the game 10 times easier. Sometimes i think it is very impressive that they have the patience to finish a game that if i didn’t the feature i would lose and get very frustrated.

What do you think?
Is it impressive or are they just stupid for not knowing?


Also as an added special bonus here is a clip of my animation test. It’s not much and is very raw but just wanted to show you all what i’m working on…