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Facebook Page Posting

When you are posting as the page try to avoid stuff like my or I and instead use our or ours. This helps people refer to the page as a community or group and not just one person. Also you get about 5 lines worth of text before it gets cut off so try and have the important information in the section if you have a long post. For quote posts from somewhere it may be better to make an image with the quote in it. This makes sharing the quote more appealing and also frees up space for the post text.

When you are posting try to only do it twice a day but always make sure it is spaced out in the day. Sometimes you will need to post more than twice in a day (eg 2 normal posts and a urgent news post) but if you space them out it won’t look like you are spamming people. When you post it is important to have a ‘call to action’, this is when you sign off the post with something like ‘Click like if you agree’ or ‘Comment with your favorite’. Make sure also you are posting original content not just sharing from another page, posts that look like they come form you will give the audience a really good idea of who you are and what you are about. When you constantly share other pages posts it makes you look like you don’t really care about giving your fans what they want or can be bothered to write them content they will like.

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Joshua Curci
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