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Disrespecting a commitment

Commitment is not something that is around anymore. Most people think there is something better out there and don’t stick with what they have committed to.

We live in a society that believes it’s ok to break a commitment because it is too hard or that it interferes with something else you would like to do. Even commitments that are meant to be long term are sometimes thrown around like they don’t mean anything because if you aren’t happy then you can just leave. Commitment literally means ‘an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action’. This isn’t to say they you are forced to do anything but this is what commitment means. It also means ‘the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc’.

So what’s my point?
We all have a choice to make a commitment, none of it is forced upon us, but you need to respect that commitment. If you don’t think that a commitment is right for you then just don’t commit to it, it’s that simple.
I run a freelance business and if I can’t commit to a client meeting then I just don’t make one. It’s disrespectful to make a meeting and then cancel it just because you can’t be bothered or you have something better to do.

Keep to your commitments and if you can’t then don’t make them

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