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Destiny and Companion apps

Destiny is a game from Bungie and Activision and is the first joint project by these companies. These companies have brought us blockbuster games like the Halo franchise, Call of duty and Crash Bandicoot. These companies have come together to create Destiny, which is a ‘massively multiplayer online persistent first person shooter’ (or MMOPFPS for short) and one of the first games like it on console based systems.


The fact that this game needs to be constantly online means that the world always changes and the experience held by the player is always different. Destiny, being set up the way it is, brings hours of replay-ability and space for Bungie to bring out expansions and extra add-ons for the game to potentially extend the life of the game indefinitely. With this type of gameplay being implemented, it also brings in the use of companion apps for the iPhone and Android. Extending the experience of the game onto handheld devices allows you, at any time or place, know what your friends are doing and if they need your help. This is a growing trend for video games as it allows you to still be ‘in the game’ even when you are not near your console. This app also allows you to view missions, change outfits, view statistics on your character and much more.

Companion apps have been something new to the markets in the last 2 years. With 90% of the population owning a smartphone or tablet, companion apps just feel like a natural extension. The question is, is there a need for them?

This all depends on what the original product does. For video games it is becoming part of the normal now to have companion apps but are there other applications? The best example i can think of is AAMI, these guys are an insurance company in Australia and they have an app for your accidents. This app helps you through the steps that you need to go through to put in a claim and to take all relevant photos. This type of app is a great addition for you business and i’m sure you can find applications for a companion app in your business.


With Bungie having a 10-year plan for Destiny we can only expect big things from it and adding in advancements that have never been seen before. With a prediction of them selling 10 to 15 million copies of the game we have no doubt that we will be hearing much more about the game as time goes on. This can also provide some great insights on how the will further advance companion apps and how people use them.

PS. Keep an eye out for the amazing voice acting of Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage

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