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Designing and furnishing a house

As you know by now, i’m moving home because i am building a place.

Now comes the part of decorating and buying furniture for the new place. The bad thing is and i know this is a first world problem type thing but the house is starting out so basic that there are too many options. I’ve been looking at styling blogs and videos and there are some really awesome stuff out there but trying to find the right things for what you want out of the space is hard.

Let me give you some background. Our house is a 2 bedroom with an open plan living area, a backyard and a 2 car garage.


This doesn’t show the backyard, the front or the garage but you get the idea. With this house as you can see it is very boxy and also it hasn’t been lived in. Now when you have a house that has been lived in you have little unique things that give you limited options but also gives you a challenge to be creative. The problem that we have is that this house is boxy and doesn’t have those unique features yet. When you have to come up with those unique features then thats when it gets a little harder to come up with the good idea. Well not so much harder but there is more pressure on you as this is going to be a talking piece.

That then brings me to my next point, finding the talking piece of your house. Us as humans talk about everything and this is no different for houses. When we see a house for the first time there is always something we talk about. Sometimes it is good and other times it is bad but this is something that isn’t talked about in front of the owners. All you say to the owners is how great the place looks. What i’m talking about is what you talk about on the way home. It’s inevitable that you are going to be talking about the place and how it looks, so what you want to create is the talking point for that discussion. You want something that looks cool but doesn’t put a negative into the discussion. You want them to be talking about the easy of the design not the cracked walls and crappy carpet.

With all of this in mind i’m grateful that its still a few months till we move in.


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