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Choosing when to let go

This is a tough one to gauge but i’m going to try anyway…choosing when to let go. We hold onto so much, as humans it is only second nature to hold onto things. Our emotions make us spiteful and we decide to remember stuff to seek revenge or to get recognition for it. Sometimes it’s even holding onto the hope that something or someone will change. The question is when do we let go? When do we make the decision to move on and more importantly, move forward?

I’ve had experience with this and i think it’s when you don’t, won’t or can’t function like you used to. I’m not talking about getting old i’m talking about when it is the reason you don’t, won’t or can’t function. If it’s affecting you mental or physical health, that’s when you have a problem. This is only one piece of the puzzle, this is more so for the thing you know you should let go of but don’t. The other piece is the one where you don’t know if you should let go.

Let me tell you a little story, as you may or not know my family has been going through some things lately and from what was happening it was effecting my life. I was becoming more moody and tired as time went on. I was also lashing out and was also effecting my health. I was having issues with my heart and i was getting sick more often than what i usually where. This is a perfect example of something you need to let go of. It was affecting not only me but people around me. You see holding onto things can infect other good things in your life.

I encourage everyone that if you are holding onto something that is affecting your other relationships or good things that are happening in your life then it is time to let go.


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