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Watch Again?

Had this idea from YouTube. The idea is to share old videos that i have watched and repost them will a little thought on why i like it and why it is important to me. Hopefully you will all get some enjoyment out of it.

Dramatic Look Hamster

This is a golden oldie of videos. This video has been all over and has been parodied to death. It was the first video to show us just how powerful the internet can be and was also one of the first videos to go viral. It’s nothing special and its …

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I can’t think of anything more fitting for this video flashback. Haloid is a 3d animated fight sequence created by Monty Oum where the worlds of Halo and Metrod colide. This video was a great turning point for me as it showed the awesomeness that one person can do. You …

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Animator vs Animation (original)

When i first watched this video it was on a little site called new grounds. This website was a great site for anything animated but also had some videos that where a little strange. This video was an awesome video that kind of breaks the 4th wall and shows us …

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Crazy Christmas Lights

This video is awesome for a few reasons. The amount of time and dedication that it would have to take to complete something like this is just mind blowing. Not only that but the timing it has with the song is great and all goes well together. This video has …

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Red vs Blue Episode 2

Red vs Blue is so important to me. I got forwarded this episode by an old High School friend as a new online show to look at. I loved the episode and went back and watched episode 1 and loved that as well. RvB is so important because it started …

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Ryan vs Dorkman

This video is really old, i think i watched it back in 2006 or 2005. This video is what got me into film making and wanting to do my own videos. The fight choreography and the level of the effects where top of the line back then and it was …

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