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Celebrity Nude Photo Scandal


Just to begin with i’m not going to share, link or point to where these photos are so if you came here looking for that then leave now. As you may or maynot know there has been an image leak online and more than 20 celebrities phones have been hacked. …

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Choosing when to let go


This is a tough one to gauge but i’m going to try anyway…choosing when to let go. We hold onto so much, as humans it is only second nature to hold onto things. Our emotions make us spiteful and we decide to remember stuff to seek revenge or to get …

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How 3rd party hardware benefits everyone

With the apple press conference coming up there has been talk about exclusive features and changing of plugs etc. If this is a good idea or not is still to be seen but what is for sure is you can’t cut out third parties. Tech Companies like to make extras …

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Some bloggers are just ridiculous

I love reading other bloggers work because it gives me an idea of what people like reading and also different ways to write posts. However every now and then i come across a blogger whose posts make me do this… Patricia Hernandez is one of these bloggers, her posts are …

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People with no filters

Do you know that one person that has no filters in conversation? They just talk and the most inappropriate things come out of their mouth. Certain people in life maybe like to cause trouble but i think these people just don’t have filters. Did you know that in your brain …

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Slowing down for idiots

I’m amazed at the distrust and what people can sue for these days. I heard a story about a robber who went to steal from a house and when he broke a window and climbed into the kitchen, he slipped and cut himself on a knife. My main question about …

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…but that’s how I was raised

I’m so sick of this excuse… I’ve heard this a number of times “oh but that’s how I was raised”, thats a load of crap. It doesn’t matter how you were raised you can always stop acting like an asshole. Using how you were raised is no reason for how …

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Double Standards

Double standards have been coming up a lot recently i’ve had to think about what it means to me. I understand that people have double standards and sometimes it can be funny and provide a lot of playing around and jokes. Even between me and Jamie we have double standards …

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It can get tense on trains

Everybody knows the rules when it comes to trains don’t they? Well some people don’t know the rules and with that comes incidents like the one in July 2014. Passenger as Sue Wilkins, 55, was riding the train in NSW during peak hour when the following incident happened. As captured …

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Project Update – So good to be back!

It is so good to be back and focussing on personal projects again. Even though i have a day job i always leave myself some wiggle room in my schedule to build on personal projects and review assets. The last 2 months have been really busy and i haven’t really …

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