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Finding balance in life


Finding balance in life can be hard and there is a real danger of not finding that balance. You can be worked to the bone and so stressed out that you start to lose motivation. However, I have a few solutions that can help. Save time for hobbies We spend …

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Disrespecting a commitment


Commitment is not something that is around anymore. Most people think there is something better out there and don’t stick with what they have committed to. We live in a society that believes it’s ok to break a commitment because it is too hard or that it interferes with something …

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Starting up my blog again

Photo 30-04-2016, 12 48 06 PM

How is everyone doing? I’ve missed you guys. I’ve missed writing up my blog for you all to read so I have decided to start them up again. I think the last blog post i wrote was like 6 months ago and I’ll be starting them up again. I’m not …

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Update on Me


If you watched my stream last night you know that some stuff is changing over the next few weeks. Even though I explained it in my stream I thought i would write up a blog post just explaining it in greater detail. Firstly the status of my streams. Twitch streaming has …

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I’m making a show!


I’ve been working on something for a while now. It’s been a difficult process and there have definitely been some hits and misses. The idea for the show would be that it would follow a small team of heroes but it wouldn’t be like every other show where it would …

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A day in the life: My first magic show

A day in the life: My first magic show

Here is the recording from my first ever magic show. I was a little nervous but i think it went really well. Don’t forget to subscribe here on youtube and to like Joshua’s facebook page for all the updates JoshuaCurci: http://bit.ly/Joshua-Curci JoshuaCurci Gaming: http://bit.ly/JoshuaCurci-Gaming Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jrcurci Twitter: http://twitter.com/joshee23 Instagram: http://instagram.com/user/joshuacurci …

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So close to moving in


I’m getting over excited at the moment because our move in date is so close and i also have a lot going on once i do. September is a busy month and it’s not that far away but thats the month i’m looking forward to. All the waiting, compromising and …

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Project Update July 2015


It’s now end of financial year! Not that this means anything to me but it means i have an excuse for an update post. I did do a few update videos about what my plan for 2015 is but that has changed a little. I’m always trying new things and …

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My interview with a Limo Driver


At a recent event i went i had the pleasure to get driven in a limo and get to talk to the driver. While i was talking to him i found that he had some very interesting stories. One thing lead to another and he agreed to sit down for …

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