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Why can’t we disconnect?

People just can’t disconnect from their devices and it’s kind of sad. You go out to a restaurant and you see a couple on a date and they are both on their phones. What has happened in todays society that 2 people can’t just talk for a few hours without going to the phones for facebook or twitter or something like that.

I understand that social networking has become a big part of our lives and everybody uses it but it is also is killing the art of conversation. We should be able to disconnect from our devices every now and then but with the advances in tech we have coming up it will become more difficult.

Brian Ho

With devices like this, even though it is cool, are just making things worse. This will make people more secluded and isolated to the point that we will see people sitting in arms distance and still only talking through their devices. Devices are taking over but there is a solution, that is turn them off.

Everyone forgets to realise that you can not look at a social network for a few hours. Maybe a restaurant that before you go in you need to check in your phone and you can’t use it for the time that you are there.

We need to keep the art of conversation going and let the phone site for a few hours


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