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It can get tense on trains

Everybody knows the rules when it comes to trains don’t they? Well some people don’t know the rules and with that comes incidents like the one in July 2014. Passenger as Sue Wilkins, 55, was riding the train in NSW during peak hour when the following incident happened.

As captured by user Kareem Abdul on youtube, the incident involves Sue aggressive toward some children (ages 12 & under) who refused to vacate their seats when she had demanded them to. She then yells expletives into the face of the upset kids and the mother of the children got up to stand in between them which Sue then pushes the mother. The video starts when the woman begins to abuse a man and a woman whom she calls “Asian” saying “He can’t even get a regular girlfriend, he’s got to get a gook,”. When the woman referred to as an “Asian” tries to defend herself, the abusive passenger makes fun of her accent before saying: “What’s wrong with Hong Kong? Why did you come to Australia?”. She then turns her attention back towards the man, calling him “sad” and “pathetic” further saying “Look at this bogan here. He’s got a gook. Isn’t it sad he can’t get a regular girl? He’s got to get an Asian.” The other passengers are audibly offended by her comments, and the man defends the woman being abused next to him, also saying she is not his girlfriend.

Do you think this is a reasonable defence for if people won’t give up their seat? Well the answer is no but whats her excuse? When asked about it she said “I’m going through some personal issues”…Yeah i know what you are thinking, this is such a copout reason and at that it isn’t even a reason for it. So that means if i have a bad day i can just say “I’m going through some personal issues” and it’s all fine? Yes there might be etiquette on trains that you get up for the elderly or the disabled but this lady was neither. She was 55 but was perfectly fine walking around and assaulting the mother so i don’t think she really needed a seat. On top of that why make the kids and parent get up, would it be better for her to ask a teenager or an adult male if she could sit down.

I’ve had my altercations on the train before and one in particular was that i was on a packed train and there wasn’t any more space but a lady probably in her early 40s started yelling and pushing me to get on the train. Now there was no room for her to get on and barely enough room for me on the train. Would it then be reasonable for me to push her back or yell racist comments at her? or for her to do the same back? No it’s not!

We as a society have lost the community aspect of social interaction. We only look out for ourselves and don’t care about anyone else. We look at a father with his child standing in peak hour and not give them a seat to help the child from not being squished. We look at a pregnant lady and not offer our seat or help open the door. We need to pick up our game a little and be the nice and polite people we can be. So i have a mission for you all, once a day for the next month you need to do something nice for a stranger. It doesn’t have to be big, it could be offering up your seat or offering to buy someone a drink. Lets show everyone that community in Australia is not dead.

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