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Some bloggers are just ridiculous

I love reading other bloggers work because it gives me an idea of what people like reading and also different ways to write posts. However every now and then i come across a blogger whose posts make me do this…


Patricia Hernandez is one of these bloggers, her posts are just one of those things where you read the title and think ‘seriously? what was this girl thinking?’. Not only are her articles bad but i find even the titles mildly offencive. You can see a full list of the worst ones here but the one i want to focus on is this one.


I mean come on! Just because you suck at video games doesn’t mean someone is rapeing you. Just making that comparison is offencive, i’ve never been raped but still the comparison to me is extremely offensive. Not only this article but many others she has written that are just as terrible but who really is to blame? No one really and that is the real issue.

The internet is full of people blogging online and thats the beauty of it, that anyone can be online and writing about their lives. At what point then does it become too much and that the stuff people are writing is over the top and offencive? Should the people reading have a say if an article be pulled down because if it’s offencive nature. This then opens a whole nother barrel of monkeys.

My opinion is to look at what you’re writing and think of it from your readers. Are they going to find this offencive? Is what i’m writing something worth putting out? Just be careful when writing your articles.

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