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Many people have asked me…how do these YouTube people make money doing what they do?

Well the answer is simple they register for google adsense. This service is google’s way of helping the internet community make a little extra cash and also making money off ads. Now google has many rules in place like not allowing people to directly ask their fans to click on the ads or to not have a page full of ads but it is still a great service. How it works is people want to advertise through google but google only have a limited amount of their websites to put these ads on (eg google.com, youtube.com etc). So they created this service where they pay people to put ads on their websites wherever they want to.

The way the payments work is not based on how many pages on your site or even how many visitors, it is based on the amount of clicks on your ad. So you see this is where the ‘no asking for people to click on your ads’ thing comes into play. If you are caught doing this then google can suspend all your funds and ban you for life from adsense.

So you see these are how YouTube stars can make some money. If they have say 1 million people viewing their videos and 10% of the viewers click on an ad they could easily be making close to $10,000 at a rate of $0.10 a click per video. Now if they release a video or two a day well you can just imagine how much money they can make. So i guess if you wanted to help them out that could be one way.

With this i have decided to put in ads on my websites to make a little extra money. Even though it isn’t a lot of money it is still a little bit extra. So don’t be alarmed when you see ads up on my website…they are meant to be there.

Till next time…


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Joshua Curci
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