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They have it better then me

So many people are saying this these days and they think they are right but they are not. People look around at their neighbours and people in their life and complain that they have it better but you don’t really know the full story. You might look at someone and think that they have it all worked out and all together but in reality they don’t. They could be struggling and losing money but from the outside it might look all fine.

It’s like those stories you hear about someone going in and killing a bunch of people, all their friends are like ‘but he was such a nice guy and looked happy’. This is an example of how our society has changed to the point that no one asks how you are going. We have a day set out to ask people ‘Are you ok?’ but that is only one day in the year. We should be doing this every day of the year and taking an interest in other peoples life’s.

Don’t walk around or complain about how you think someone’s life is better than yours or if someone is luckier than you because in all reality it might not be. No ones been any luckier than anyone else’s, yeah right now they might have it all together but maybe they needed to go through a few years of struggle to get to that point. Don’t judge what you don’t know! Everyone has it tough and the only reason they might be better off is because they put the work in. They put in time and effort to get the job done and to put themselves into the position they are in.

If you are finding yourself thinking ‘they have it better than me’, then get off your but and do something about it.


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Joshua Curci
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