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April Fools 2014

Ah the great day of the year…

Why you might ask? Well April Fools is the best day because you truly see people screw with other people. Not only that but a lot of great ideas and cool stuff have come up that are supposed to be jokes but because of the great response they have decided to do it anyway.

So i’ve collected a list of pranks companies and people online have made and tell you which is true and which is fake.

**Please note this is a long and multipage post**

 Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge


The Google Maps App for iOS and Android now has a Poke Ball logo beneath its search bar. Clicking on it shows the locations of Pokemon on Google Maps. This is fully functional April Fools’ Day prank in the Google Maps App, not just a video, but check out the video below, because it’s pretty neat:

To access the Pokemon mode on your phone, tap the blue PokeBall logo under the search bar, where it says Press Start.

Tap on pokemon to capture them, and you can then see your collection in your pokedex. The pokedex is also viewable from the search menu, replacing where the Start button was located. Catch ’em All!

 The Gmail Shelfie


Google typically has multiple April Fools’ gags. The Gmail one is centred around the idea of the Gmail Shelfie, a theme based on a selfie which you can share with others. Check the full story (such as it is, and to be honest it ain’t much) on the Gmail blog.

Blizzard Makes Happy Reaper, a Flappy Bird Clone


The game can be found and played right here.

Happy Reaper borrows the familiar mechanics of Flappy Bird and blends them with Blizzard properties.

Snow, From The Makers of Rain


This one is short, simple, and sad — the makers of the gorgeous PlayStation Network game Rain teased a follow-up…

League of Legends Removes Mana and Energy Costs

TRUE (sort of)

League of Legends adds Ultra Rapid Fire mode, which removes mana and energy costs, starts every player with an 80% cooldown reduction for their abilities and skills, and doubles attack speed bonuses. While a real Featured Game Mode for one week, Riot said it would a permanent part of the MOBA for April Fool’s.

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