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Addictive TV shows

You know how there are some shows that are so addictive you can’t help but watch them? I’ve had a few shows now that i just keep watching and watching and can’t stop. Sometimes i don’t even know why i’m still watching but they are just that addictive. One show that i’m currently addicted to is called ‘Jane the Virgin’.


Jane the Virgin is an American serial comedy-drama television series that is on the CW network. Without giving too much away here is the basic storyline. Jane is a hard-working, religious young Latina woman who promised her grandma to save her virginity until her marriage. Then what happens is that a doctor mistakenly artificially inseminates her during a checkup. She is then told that she is pregnant a few weeks later.

The part that is addictive is that it is very much like a spanish soap opera. There is a voice over and some parts where it is spanish with subtitles but not only that it is very over the top. For example Rafael, the guy whose baby it is, is married to Petra and Jane’s boyfriend, Michael, is a cop who is investigating Petra who is having an affair with Rafael’s best friend who gets killed. This is only one part of this massive story and this why it is addictive. Then then got me wondering about soap operas in general.

Personally i’ve never watched one because i’ve never thought of them as interesting TV but i’ve been re thinking this. Maybe people get addicted to these shows because they are over the top and basicly anything can happen. It’s perfectly reasonable for aliens to come into the show for no reason. Maybe it’s just me but the reason i find this show addictive is the fact that anything can really happen and you just want to know what can happen next.

What show do you guys find addictive? Is there a show you should want to watch so much but do anyway?


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