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404 errors and Website IP’s

I’ve been getting a few emails of late about people getting 404 errors and a few other errors on websites and apps in Facebook. Now most of the time this is caused by an IP address change or by some other server change that the company has done (eg. Raised security or got more storage space). Most commonly to resolve this issue you need to clear your cache completely from all browsers for every time you visited. To do this it can take some time but here is a shortcut that i think you will all really like.


For a PC:

1. Close all browsers.

2. Press the windows button and then R. This should bring up the run dialog down the bottom left.

3. Type in cmd and then press enter.

4. type in ipconfig /flushdns and then press enter.

5. Restart your computer.

6. Open the page again.

(if not resolved start again from step 1)


For a Mac:

1. Close all browsers.

2. Go to Applications/Utilites/Terminal or you can press command + space to bring up spotlight and type in Terminal.

3. Type in dscacheutil -flushcache and then enter. (if an error pops up try typing in lookupd -flushcache).

4. Restart your Mac.

5. Open the page again.

(if not resolved try again from step 1)


Please ensure that you type in exactly how it is above (ie. include all spaces and ‘-‘)

With these steps you should resolve all the issues. Please post comments bellow with any other troubles you are having and i will address them ASAP.


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